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Aventon Sinch Common Problems and Troubleshooting

Aventon Sinch common problems: Embracing the fusion of freedom and convenience, the Aventon Sinch stands out as a remarkable folding e-bike with an impressive range of 40+ miles and a top speed of 20 mph. Boasting features like a front suspension, adjustable stem, and a fully-functional brushless motor, it’s a versatile choice for riders seeking both performance and portability.

Despite these standout attributes, real-world experiences with the Aventon Sinch reveal that, like any mechanical marvel, it may encounter a few hiccups along the way. Two distinctive aspects, the weight distribution when folded and the audible noise from the brushless motor, emerge as common concerns among users. The 68 lbs weight, when folded, creates an awkward shape that might not be ideal for public transport, and the motor’s noise level may disturb those seeking a quieter ride.

This article delves into these common issues and troubleshooting methods, offering valuable insights into maintaining and enhancing the Aventon Sinch riding experience. By addressing these challenges, we aim to equip riders with the knowledge to overcome potential obstacles, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey on this innovative folding e-bike.

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Aventon Sinch Common Problems and Troubleshooting


Name of Specification Description of Specification
Price $1,799.00
Type eBike
Class Class 2
Release Year 2020
Brake Type Mechanical Disc Brakes
Drive Type Hub-Drive
Frame Material Aluminum
Gears 7
Max Range (mi) 40 mi
Top Speed (mph) 20 mph
Watts 750
Weight (lbs) 68 lbs
Weight Capacity (lbs) 250 lbs
Wheels 2
Wheel Diameter (in) 20 in
Wheel Width (in) 4 in

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Aventon Sinch Common Problems and Troubleshooting


  • Gravel
  • Off-Road
  • Urban
  • Commuter
  • Headlight
  • App Sync
  • Folding Mechanism
  • Kickstand
  • IPX Water Resistance Rating
  • Throttle
  • Fat Tire eBike
  • Buy at Aventon

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Description: Some users may encounter issues where the Aventon Sinch’s battery does not hold a charge as expected, leading to decreased range and performance.

Cause: This problem can occur due to several factors, including overcharging, battery age, or a faulty charging system.

Troubleshooting: To address this, users should ensure they follow proper charging guidelines, avoid overcharging, and consider replacing the battery if it’s approaching the end of its lifespan.

2. Motor Noise During Operation

Description: Some riders may notice an unusual noise emanating from the motor during the operation of the Aventon Sinch.

Cause: This issue can be attributed to a variety of factors, such as loose components, misalignment, or wear and tear on the motor.

Troubleshooting: Users should inspect the motor components, tighten any loose parts, and seek professional assistance if the noise persists, as it could indicate a more serious motor issue.

3. Inconsistent Electric Assist

Description: Some riders may experience inconsistencies in the electric assist provided by the Aventon Sinch, with the motor not responding consistently to pedal input.

Cause: This problem can arise from issues with the pedal assist sensor, wiring, or the motor controller.

Troubleshooting: Users should inspect the wiring, ensure proper sensor alignment, and, if necessary, recalibrate or replace the pedal assist sensor to restore consistent electric assist.

4. Brake Performance Issues

Description: Users might encounter problems with the Aventon Sinch’s brake performance, such as reduced stopping power or squeaking sounds.

Cause: Brake issues can result from factors like worn brake pads, misalignment, or contamination of the braking system.

Troubleshooting: Regularly check and replace worn brake pads, ensure proper alignment, and clean the braking components to maintain optimal brake performance.

5. Connectivity Problems with App Sync

Description: Users facing difficulties syncing the Aventon Sinch with the companion app may experience a lack of access to ride data and customization features.

Cause: Connectivity issues may arise from Bluetooth interference, outdated app versions, or software glitches.

Troubleshooting: Users should ensure the app and firmware are up-to-date, check for Bluetooth interference, and attempt reconnection and troubleshooting steps outlined in the app manual.

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6. Unresponsive Pedal Assist

Description: Some users may encounter situations where the pedal assist system on the Aventon Sinch becomes unresponsive, leading to a lack of electric assistance during rides.

Cause: The unresponsiveness can be caused by issues with the pedal assist sensor, wiring, or a malfunction in the motor controller.

Troubleshooting: Check the pedal assist sensor for proper alignment, inspect the wiring for damage, and recalibrate or replace the sensor if necessary to restore functionality.

7. Frame Squeaks and Creaks

Description: Riders might experience annoying squeaks or creaks emanating from the frame of the Aventon Sinch during rides, affecting overall comfort and ride quality.

Cause: Squeaks and creaks can occur due to loose bolts, worn components, or insufficient lubrication at contact points within the frame.

Troubleshooting: Inspect and tighten all frame bolts, apply lubrication to potential contact points, and replace worn components to eliminate squeaks and creaks.

8. Difficulty Folding Mechanism

Description: Some users may struggle with the folding mechanism of the Aventon Sinch, finding it challenging to fold or unfold the bike for storage.

Cause: Difficulties in the folding mechanism can result from misalignment, debris accumulation, or lack of lubrication in the folding joints.

Troubleshooting: Ensure proper alignment of folding joints, clean out any debris, and apply lubrication to facilitate smooth folding and unfolding of the bike.

9. Premature Tire Wear

Description: Riders may notice that the tires on the Aventon Sinch wear out faster than expected, leading to increased frequency of replacements.

Cause: Premature tire wear can be attributed to factors such as overinflation, underinflation, or riding on surfaces with sharp debris.

Troubleshooting: Maintain proper tire pressure, avoid rough terrains with sharp objects, and periodically inspect and rotate tires to ensure even wear and longevity.

10. Limited App Compatibility

Description: Users may encounter compatibility issues with the Aventon Sinch companion app, leading to limited access to features or data on certain devices.

Cause: Compatibility issues may arise due to outdated operating systems, incompatible devices, or software conflicts with other applications.

Troubleshooting: Ensure the app is compatible with the device’s operating system, update both the app and the device’s software, and check for conflicts with other apps that may hinder proper functionality.

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11. Unstable Steering

Description: Riders might experience instability in steering while riding the Aventon Sinch, with the handlebars feeling shaky or unpredictable.

Cause: Unstable steering can result from loose headset components, misaligned handlebars, or issues with the front suspension.

Troubleshooting: Check and tighten headset components, ensure proper alignment of handlebars, and inspect the front suspension for any damage or misalignment.

12. Intermittent Power Loss

Description: Users may encounter instances where the Aventon Sinch experiences intermittent power loss, causing a sudden decrease in electric assistance.

Cause: Power loss can be attributed to loose electrical connections, issues with the motor controller, or a malfunction in the battery system.

Troubleshooting: Inspect and secure all electrical connections, recalibrate or replace the motor controller if necessary, and check the battery system for faults that may lead to power loss.

13. Uncomfortable Saddle

Description: Some riders may find the saddle of the Aventon Sinch uncomfortable, leading to discomfort and potential riding issues.

Cause: Saddle discomfort can result from personal preference, improper saddle height, or a mismatch between the rider’s anatomy and the saddle design.

Troubleshooting: Adjust the saddle height to ensure proper alignment with the rider’s anatomy, consider alternative saddle designs, or use additional padding to enhance comfort during rides.

14. Inconsistent Gear Shifting

Description: Riders may face challenges with inconsistent gear shifting on the Aventon Sinch, with gears not engaging smoothly or skipping during use.

Cause: Gear shifting issues can arise from cable tension problems, misalignment in the drivetrain, or worn-out cassette and chain components.

Troubleshooting: Adjust cable tension, ensure proper alignment in the drivetrain, and inspect and replace worn-out cassette and chain components to restore consistent gear shifting.

15. Limited Range in Cold Weather

Description: Users may notice a decrease in the Aventon Sinch’s range during cold weather conditions, with the battery not performing optimally in low temperatures.

Cause: Cold temperatures can affect the chemical reactions within the battery, leading to a temporary reduction in its capacity and overall range.

Troubleshooting: Keep the battery at room temperature before rides, store the bike in a warmer environment, and be aware that reduced range in cold weather is normal for many e-bike models.

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16. Loose or Wobbly Pedals

Description: Riders may experience issues with loose or wobbly pedals on the Aventon Sinch, affecting stability and overall riding experience.

Cause: Loose pedals can result from improper installation, worn pedal threads, or damaged pedal components.

Troubleshooting: Ensure proper installation of pedals, inspect and replace worn pedal threads, and check for any damage or wear in the pedal components to eliminate wobbling.

17. Unusual Vibrations While Riding

Description: Users might feel unusual vibrations in the Aventon Sinch while riding, causing discomfort and potentially indicating an underlying issue.

Cause: Vibrations can be caused by misaligned wheels, loose spokes, or issues with the tires, such as uneven wear.

Troubleshooting: Check and realign wheels, tighten loose spokes, and inspect tires for signs of uneven wear or damage that may contribute to vibrations.

18. Difficulty in Charging

Description: Some users may encounter difficulties when attempting to charge the Aventon Sinch, with the battery not responding to the charging process.

Cause: Charging issues may stem from faulty charging cables, a malfunctioning charging port, or internal battery problems.

Troubleshooting: Check the charging cables for damage, inspect the charging port for debris or damage, and if issues persist, consult the user manual or contact customer support for further assistance.

19. Frequent Chain Slippage

Description: Riders may experience frequent chain slippage on the Aventon Sinch, where the chain unexpectedly skips or slips out of gear.

Cause: Chain slippage can result from improper tension, a worn-out chain, or issues with the derailleur system.

Troubleshooting: Adjust chain tension, inspect and replace worn-out chains, and ensure the proper functioning of the derailleur system to prevent chain slippage.

20. Uneven Brake Performance

Description: Users may encounter issues with uneven brake performance on the Aventon Sinch, where one brake operates more effectively than the other.

Cause: Uneven brake performance can be caused by misaligned brake calipers, unequal brake pad wear, or issues with the braking system.

Troubleshooting: Align brake calipers, replace unevenly worn brake pads, and inspect the entire braking system to ensure equal and consistent brake performance on both sides.

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21. Loose Handlebar Grips

Description: Riders may experience issues with loose handlebar grips on the Aventon Sinch, affecting grip stability and rider control.

Cause: Loose grips can result from worn grip components, improper installation, or insufficient tightening.

Troubleshooting: Inspect and tighten handlebar grips, consider replacing worn components, and ensure proper installation for a secure and stable grip.

22. Pedal Wobble During Rotation

Description: Users might notice pedal wobbling during rotation on the Aventon Sinch, leading to a less smooth and stable pedaling experience.

Cause: Pedal wobble can be caused by loose pedal components, worn pedal axles, or issues with the crankset.

Troubleshooting: Check and tighten pedal components, inspect pedal axles for wear, and ensure the crankset is properly aligned to eliminate pedal wobble.

23. Limited Customization Options in App

Description: Users may find limited customization options in the Aventon Sinch companion app, restricting their ability to personalize settings or access advanced features.

Cause: Limited customization options may result from software limitations, outdated app versions, or compatibility issues.

Troubleshooting: Ensure the app is updated to the latest version, check for compatibility with the device, and explore alternative apps if necessary for more customization options.

24. Difficulty in Finding Replacement Parts

Description: Users might encounter challenges in finding suitable replacement parts for the Aventon Sinch, hindering the bike’s maintenance and repair.

Cause: Difficulty in finding replacement parts can be due to limited availability, discontinued components, or insufficient information on compatible replacements.

Troubleshooting: Contact Aventon customer support for assistance, explore third-party suppliers, and consider aftermarket options for compatible replacement parts.

25. Inaccurate Battery Level Readings

Description: Riders may experience inaccuracies in the Aventon Sinch’s battery level readings, leading to uncertainty about the remaining charge.

Cause: Inaccurate battery level readings can result from sensor malfunctions, software glitches, or issues with the battery management system.

Troubleshooting: Recalibrate or replace the battery level sensor, update the bike’s firmware to the latest version, and contact customer support if inaccuracies persist for further assistance.

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Aventon Sinch Electric Bike User Reviews

Aventon Sinch Electric Bike User Reviews

Positive Reviews from Aventon Sinch Users

Exploring the experiences of Aventon Sinch users reveals a wealth of positive feedback. Riders have shared their satisfaction with various aspects of this electric bike, highlighting the following key points:

  • Some users were delighted with the remarkable range of the Aventon Sinch, covering 40+ miles on a single charge. This extended range provided them with the freedom to embark on long journeys without worrying about running out of power.
  • Several riders praised the front suspension for its impressive bump absorption, allowing them to navigate rough paths with ease. This feature significantly contributed to a smooth and comfortable riding experience on challenging terrains.
  • The adjustable stem received positive recognition from riders within the height range of 5’0” to 6’3”. They appreciated the customizable fit, ensuring a comfortable riding position for a diverse range of users.
  • Aventon’s warranty package, including a 1-year warranty for damaged parts and malfunctioning systems, as well as a lifetime warranty for dented frames, instilled confidence in users regarding the bike’s durability and Aventon’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • The fully-functional brushless motor, providing a peak power of 750W and sustained power of 500W, was highlighted by beginners. They found the motor’s balance of acceleration and control to be instrumental in mastering the bike’s speed confidently.
  • The foldable design of the Aventon Sinch was widely praised for its convenience, especially among urban dwellers. Users expressed how the bike’s ability to fold down to half its size, including handlebars and pedals, enhanced their daily commuting experience.
  • Mechanical disc brakes received positive feedback for their improved stopping power at high speeds, contributing to the overall safety and reliability of the Aventon Sinch.
  • Users appreciated the thoughtful inclusion of a puncture-resistant cover on the large wheels, providing added protection against sharp objects. This feature contributed to worry-free rides without concerns about tire damage or brake interference.
  • The Velo Comfort fabric on the saddle garnered praise for its soft and comfortable feel, enhancing the overall riding experience by preventing chafing or rashes during extended periods of use.
  • The ergonomic grip and width of the handlebars were highlighted as a small yet significant detail that contributed to the overall comfort and control while riding. Users with both large and small hands found the handlebars to be well-designed for a secure grip.

These positive reviews collectively depict the Aventon Sinch as a highly praised electric bike, meeting the expectations of users in terms of performance, comfort, and convenience.

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Negative User Reviews of the Aventon Sinch

Negative User Reviews of the Aventon Sinch

While the Aventon Sinch has garnered positive reviews, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with specific aspects of the electric bike. The following summarizes common issues reported by users:

  • Some users were not satisfied with the weight distribution of the Aventon Sinch when folded down. Weighing 68 lbs, the uneven distribution creates an awkward shape, making it less suitable for public transport. The longer length and heavier weight in its folded state have been inconvenient for commuters relying on buses or trains.
  • Several riders have reported an issue with the brushless motor’s noise level on the Aventon Sinch. While the motor delivers powerful performance, the additional noise it produces has disturbed the peace for some bike riders. This concern has detracted from the overall riding experience for users seeking a quieter and more serene journey.
  • Another point of dissatisfaction for some users has been the pedal placement on the Aventon Sinch. The pedals may be positioned too close to the frame, causing discomfort and strain, particularly for individuals with larger-sized feet. This design aspect has raised concerns about the bike’s ergonomic suitability for riders with specific foot sizes.

Despite these reported issues, it’s important to note that the majority of users have expressed satisfaction with the Aventon Sinch. While these negative aspects may impact certain users, they are outweighed by the positive experiences and features that make the Aventon Sinch a popular choice among electric bike enthusiasts.

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Aventon Sinch Article

Aventon Sinch Manual

If you are seeking detailed operating instructions for the Aventon Sinch, you can find the official manual on the manufacturer’s website. Visit the Aventon website for comprehensive guidance on assembling, operating, and maintaining your Aventon Sinch electric bike.


In conclusion, the Aventon Sinch stands out as a remarkable folding e-bike that caters to the diverse needs of urban commuters and adventure enthusiasts alike. The positive aspects of this electric bike, including its impressive range, top speed, and thoughtful features like the front suspension and adjustable stem, have garnered widespread acclaim.

While some users have reported specific drawbacks, such as weight distribution when folded, motor noise, and pedal placement, it’s essential to recognize that the majority of users express overall satisfaction with the Aventon Sinch. These issues, while noteworthy, are balanced against the numerous positive experiences shared by riders.

Whether you are drawn to the convenience of a foldable design, the powerful brushless motor, or the comfortable and durable features, the Aventon Sinch offers a compelling package. As with any product, individual preferences and priorities may vary, so potential buyers are encouraged to explore user reviews, specifications, and the manufacturer’s manual to make an informed decision that aligns with their specific needs and expectations.

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Aventon Sinch FAQ

Is the battery removable, and how long does it take to charge?

Yes, the battery of the Aventon Sinch is removable, and it takes about 4 hours to fully charge with the charger that hooks up to a standard power outlet.

What is the weight capacity of the Aventon Sinch eBike?

The Aventon Sinch eBike has a weight capacity of 113.3 kg (approximately 250 lbs).

What is the range and top speed I can expect with the Aventon Sinch?

The Aventon Sinch offers an impressive range of 40+ miles and a top speed that caps at 20mph.

What are the unique features of the Aventon Sinch?

The Aventon Sinch features a foldable design, throttle on demand, a brushless motor with 750W peak power, mechanical disc brakes, app sync capabilities, and a puncture-resistant lining on the large wheels.

Can I ride the Aventon Sinch on different terrains?

Yes, you can confidently ride the Aventon Sinch on gravel, off-road, and urban settings, making it versatile for various cycling activities.

Does the Aventon Sinch offer any warranty on the bike?

The Aventon Sinch comes with a 1-year warranty for defects in bike parts and malfunctioning systems, as well as a lifetime warranty on the frame for dents.

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