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BESV JGR 1.1 Common Problems and Troubleshooting

The BESV JGR 1.1 is an innovative electric bike designed to meet the needs of adventurous cyclists, whether they’re riding on-road, off-road, or going bikepacking. In this article, we will address common problems and provide troubleshooting solutions specific to the BESV JGR 1.1 model. If you own this electric bike and encounter any issues, this guide is here to help you.

BESV JGR 1.1 Overview

The BESV JGR 1.1 is part of the new BESV Gravel series, offering exceptional riding characteristics. It features an aluminum frame, a carbon fork, and a powerful rear motor with 50 Nm of torque, providing a natural and enjoyable riding experience. Here are some key product details and features:

FRAMEBESV alloy frame with built-in 360W Darfon battery, for Bafang rear hub motor
COLOR(s)Metallic malachite with night black
SIZESS (45.5cm) | M (49cm) | L (51cm) | XL (53cm)

Key Features:

  • 360Wh Intube battery, compatible with range extender, with Smart 2A charger
  • Darfon display with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Shimano GRX RD-RX812, 11-speed rear derailleur
  • Shimano Deore CS-M5100, 11-speed cassette (11-42T)
  • KMC e11Turbo chain with Quick-Link
  • Samox EC38-F13-ISIS crankset with 40T chainring
  • Shimano GRX RX400, 2-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm front and 160mm rear rotors

Causes of Common Problems with the BESV JGR 1.1

This section will explore the various common problems that users might encounter with the BESV JGR 1.1 electric bike and provide troubleshooting solutions. If you’re experiencing issues with your bike, read on to find solutions to your problems.

Common Problems with BESV JGR 1.1

1. Battery Not Charging

Description: If your BESV JGR 1.1’s battery is not charging properly, it can disrupt your riding experience.

Cause: Several factors can contribute to this issue, including a faulty charger, a damaged battery, or poor connections.


  1. Ensure that the charger is properly plugged into both the wall outlet and the bike’s charging port.
  2. Inspect the charger for any visible damage or loose connections. Replace it if necessary.
  3. If the battery still doesn’t charge, contact BESV’s customer support for assistance or consider a battery replacement.

2. Motor Stalling

Description: Motor stalling can lead to sudden loss of power while riding your BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Motor stalling can be caused by overheating, controller issues, or electrical faults.


  1. Allow the motor to cool down if it overheats. Riding at lower assist levels can help reduce overheating.
  2. Check for loose or damaged wiring connections around the motor and controller. Reconnect or repair as needed.
  3. If the problem persists, consult a professional technician for a thorough inspection and potential component replacement.

3. Display Malfunction

Description: A malfunctioning display can make it difficult to monitor and control your BESV JGR 1.1’s settings.

Cause: Display issues can result from software glitches, loose cables, or display unit damage.


  1. Restart the bike’s display system by turning the bike off and on again. This can resolve minor software glitches.
  2. Check all cable connections between the display and the bike’s electrical components. Ensure they are securely connected.
  3. If the display remains non-functional, contact BESV’s support team for further assistance or a possible replacement.

4. Brake Squeaking

Description: Squeaky brakes can affect your riding experience and safety when using the BESV JGR 1.1’s brakes.

Cause: Brake squeaking is often caused by contaminants on the brake pads, misalignment, or worn-out brake pads.


  1. Inspect the brake pads for contamination or wear. Clean or replace them if necessary.
  2. Ensure that the brakes are properly aligned with the wheel rims to prevent squeaking due to misalignment.
  3. If the problem persists, consider upgrading to high-quality brake pads or consult a bike technician for a professional assessment.

5. Chain Slippage

Description: Chain slippage can lead to poor shifting and loss of power transmission on your BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Chain slippage is commonly caused by a loose chain, misadjusted derailleurs, or a worn-out chain.


  1. Check the chain tension and ensure it is properly tensioned. If loose, follow the bike’s manual to adjust it to the correct tension.
  2. Inspect the derailleurs and adjust them if needed to ensure precise shifting and chain alignment.
  3. If the chain is worn, consider replacing it with a new one to prevent further slippage issues.

6. Range Reduction

Description: Your BESV JGR 1.1 may experience a decrease in range, limiting how far you can ride on a single charge.

Cause: Range reduction can be due to aging battery cells, frequent high-speed riding, or excessive weight on the bike.


  1. If your battery is aging, consider replacing it with a new one to restore the original range capacity.
  2. Ride at lower assist levels to conserve battery power, especially during longer rides.
  3. Reduce the overall weight on the bike, if possible, to improve energy efficiency and extend the range.

7. Noisy Chain

Description: A noisy chain can be distracting and may indicate issues with the drivetrain on your BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Chain noise can result from improper lubrication, misalignment, or a dirty drivetrain.


  1. Regularly lubricate the chain using a suitable bike chain lubricant to reduce friction and noise.
  2. Check the chain alignment and derailleur settings to ensure proper tension and positioning.
  3. Clean the entire drivetrain, including the chain, cassette, and derailleur pulleys, to remove dirt and debris that may contribute to noise.

8. Tire Puncture

Description: A flat tire can disrupt your ride and leave you stranded when riding the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Tire punctures can occur due to sharp objects on the road, low tire pressure, or worn-out tires.


  1. Carry a puncture repair kit and spare inner tubes when riding for quick fixes in case of a flat tire.
  2. Maintain the recommended tire pressure to reduce the risk of pinch flats and punctures.
  3. Regularly inspect your tires for signs of wear and replace them when the tread is worn down to minimize the risk of punctures.

9. Inconsistent Braking

Description: Inconsistent braking performance can affect your control and safety while riding the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Inconsistent braking can be caused by contaminated brake pads, air in the brake lines, or misaligned brake calipers.


  1. Inspect the brake pads for contamination or glazing. Clean or replace them as needed for improved braking consistency.
  2. Bleed the brake lines to remove any trapped air, ensuring a firm and consistent brake lever feel.
  3. Check the alignment of the brake calipers and adjust them if necessary for even brake pad contact with the wheel rims.

10. Rattling Accessories

Description: Rattling accessories or loose components can be annoying and distracting while riding the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Rattling accessories can result from improperly secured accessories, loose bolts, or worn mounting points.


  1. Check and tighten all accessory mounts, such as racks, water bottle cages, and fenders, to ensure they are securely attached to the bike frame.
  2. Inspect and tighten any loose bolts or fasteners on the bike, including those on the handlebars, stem, and saddle.
  3. If rattling persists, consider using rubber or foam padding between the accessory and the frame to dampen vibrations.

11. Unresponsive Display

Description: An unresponsive display can make it challenging to access essential information and control settings on your BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Display unresponsiveness can occur due to software glitches, low battery, or loose connections.


  1. Restart the bike’s display system by turning it off and on again to address minor software issues.
  2. Ensure the display has sufficient battery power, and if not, charge it fully before use.
  3. Inspect cable connections between the display unit and other components for loose or damaged cables and reseat them if necessary.

12. Gear Shifting Issues

Description: Difficulty in shifting gears can affect your ride’s efficiency and performance on the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Gear shifting problems may result from cable tension, derailleur misalignment, or worn-out drivetrain components.


  1. Check and adjust cable tension to ensure smooth and precise gear shifting.
  2. Inspect the derailleur alignment and hanger to ensure proper positioning and make adjustments if needed.
  3. If shifting issues persist, consider replacing worn-out components, such as the cassette or chain, to improve gear performance.

13. Frequent Chain Drops

Description: Frequent chain drops can disrupt your ride and require constant adjustments on the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Chain drops may occur due to a misadjusted front derailleur, worn chainrings, or an incompatible chain guide.


  1. Check the front derailleur’s height and alignment to ensure it guides the chain smoothly between chainrings.
  2. Inspect the chainrings for signs of wear and replace them if teeth are noticeably worn down or damaged.
  3. If chain drops persist, consider installing a chain guide designed for your bike model to prevent further occurrences.

14. Loose Bolts and Fasteners

Description: Loose bolts and fasteners on your BESV JGR 1.1 can lead to potential safety hazards and degraded ride quality.

Cause: Bolts and fasteners can loosen over time due to vibrations and regular use, affecting various components.


  1. Regularly inspect and tighten all bolts and fasteners on the bike, paying special attention to those on the handlebars, stem, saddle, and accessories.
  2. Use an appropriate torque wrench to ensure proper tightening according to manufacturer specifications to prevent overtightening or undertightening.
  3. Consider applying thread locker (e.g., Loctite) to critical bolts to prevent them from coming loose during rides.

15. Uneven Tire Wear

Description: Uneven tire wear can lead to reduced traction and compromised safety when riding the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Uneven tire wear can be caused by incorrect tire pressure, misaligned wheels, or poor riding habits.


  1. Maintain the recommended tire pressure according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure even tire wear.
  2. Check and correct wheel alignment to prevent tire wear patterns caused by misaligned wheels.
  3. Inspect your riding habits and avoid aggressive cornering or braking, which can contribute to uneven tire wear.

16. Mismatched Gearing

Description: Mismatched gearing can lead to inefficient pedaling and difficulty finding the right gear on the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Gearing issues can arise from using an incompatible cassette, chain, or derailleur components.


  1. Verify that all drivetrain components, including the cassette, chain, and derailleur, are compatible and designed for your bike model.
  2. If you experience frequent misalignment, consider having a professional bike technician assess your drivetrain for compatibility and proper adjustments.
  3. Consult the bike’s user manual or manufacturer’s guidelines for guidance on selecting and maintaining compatible components.

17. Excessive Noise from Motor

Description: An overly noisy motor can be disruptive and may indicate motor-related issues on the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Excessive motor noise can result from loose motor mounts, worn bearings, or internal motor damage.


  1. Inspect the motor mounts and ensure they are securely fastened to the frame to minimize vibrations and noise.
  2. If the noise persists, have a professional technician assess the motor for worn bearings or internal damage that may require repair or replacement.
  3. Regularly clean and maintain the motor to prevent debris or dirt buildup, which can contribute to increased noise levels.

18. Inaccurate Battery Indicator

Description: An inaccurate battery indicator can lead to uncertainty about your BESV JGR 1.1’s remaining battery life.

Cause: Battery indicator inaccuracies can occur due to software glitches, temperature effects, or battery age.


  1. Calibrate the battery indicator by fully charging and discharging the battery a few times to improve its accuracy.
  2. Keep the bike and battery at an appropriate temperature range for optimal performance and more accurate battery readings.
  3. If inaccuracies persist, contact BESV customer support for software updates or recommendations for battery replacement if necessary.

19. Loose Handlebar Grips

Description: Loose handlebar grips can affect your control and comfort when riding the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Handlebar grips can become loose over time due to regular use and vibrations.


  1. Regularly inspect and tighten the handlebar grip clamps to ensure they are securely fastened to the handlebars.
  2. If the grips are damaged or excessively worn, consider replacing them with new grips for improved grip and comfort.
  3. Apply a small amount of grip adhesive or hairspray to the handlebars before installing new grips to help keep them in place.

20. Sluggish Acceleration

Description: Sluggish acceleration can reduce the responsiveness and overall performance of the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Sluggish acceleration may result from low battery power, motor issues, or controller settings.


  1. Ensure that the battery is adequately charged to provide sufficient power for acceleration.
  2. Inspect the motor and controller for signs of damage or loose connections that may affect acceleration. Repair or replace components as needed.
  3. Review and adjust the bike’s controller settings to optimize acceleration and responsiveness based on your riding preferences.

21. Erratic Assist Levels

Description: Inconsistent or erratic assist levels can disrupt your riding experience on the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: This issue can stem from sensor malfunctions, wiring problems, or software glitches.


  1. Check the sensor connections and wiring for loose or damaged connections, and reseat or repair them as necessary.
  2. Update the bike’s firmware or software to the latest version, which may include bug fixes and improved assist level control.
  3. If the problem persists, consult a professional technician to diagnose and repair sensor or controller-related issues.

22. Brake Pad Wear

Description: Worn brake pads can compromise braking performance and safety on the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Brake pads naturally wear down over time due to regular use and braking actions.


  1. Regularly inspect the brake pads for wear and replace them when the friction material becomes too thin to ensure optimal braking performance.
  2. Check the alignment of the brake calipers to ensure even wear across the brake pads and prevent premature wear on one side.
  3. Consider upgrading to high-quality brake pads for improved stopping power and longer pad life.

23. Loose Spokes

Description: Loose spokes can lead to wheel wobbling and negatively impact the ride quality on the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Spokes can loosen over time due to regular riding, vibrations, or impacts.


  1. Inspect the wheel spokes for loose or damaged ones, and use a spoke wrench to tighten them to the manufacturer’s recommended tension.
  2. Ensure that the wheel rims are true and have no visible signs of damage or warping that may affect spoke tension.
  3. If you’re unsure about truing wheels or tightening spokes, consult a bike shop or technician for professional wheel maintenance.

24. Sudden Power Cuts

Description: Unexpected power cuts can be dangerous and hinder your ride on the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Power cuts can result from loose electrical connections, battery issues, or controller malfunctions.


  1. Inspect all electrical connections, including battery terminals and controller connections, to ensure they are secure and free from corrosion.
  2. If the battery is old or not holding a charge, consider replacing it with a new, compatible battery.
  3. If power cuts persist, consult a professional technician to diagnose and repair potential controller or wiring problems.

25. Excessive Vibration

Description: Excessive vibration can lead to discomfort and potential damage to components on the BESV JGR 1.1.

Cause: Vibration issues can arise from unbalanced wheels, loose components, or tire irregularities.


  1. Check and balance the wheels to minimize vibrations caused by uneven weight distribution or out-of-balance tires.
  2. Inspect the bike frame and components for loose bolts, fasteners, or accessories that may contribute to vibrations. Tighten as needed.
  3. Ensure that the tires are properly inflated and free from damage or irregularities that could lead to increased vibration.

BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike User Reviews

Reading user reviews is a valuable way to gain insights into the real-world experiences of BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike owners. These reviews provide valuable feedback about the bike’s performance, features, and overall satisfaction. To compile this section, we have summarized both positive and negative user reviews from various sources available on the internet, with a focus on user feedback from Walmart.com.

Positive Reviews from BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike Users

  • Many users were satisfied with the BESV JGR 1.1’s powerful motor, which provided ample assistance while riding on various terrains.
  • Several riders praised the bike’s durable construction, mentioning the robust frame and quality components.
  • Some users appreciated the bike’s long-lasting battery, which allowed for extended rides without frequent recharging.
  • The integrated Bluetooth connectivity and advanced BESV App received positive feedback for enhancing the overall riding experience.
  • Owners were pleased with the bike’s versatility, as it performed well for both on-road and off-road adventures.

Overall, the BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike garnered positive feedback from users who highlighted its power, durability, long battery life, connectivity features, and versatility. These reviews indicate that many owners found the bike to be a reliable and enjoyable companion for various riding adventures.

Negative User Reviews of the BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike

  • Some users were not satisfied with the bike’s weight, mentioning that it felt heavy and challenging to handle in certain situations.
  • Several riders reported issues with the bike’s motor, citing occasional power cuts and inconsistent performance.
  • A few users expressed concerns about the complexity of the bike’s assembly, stating that it required more time and effort than expected.
  • Some riders mentioned discomfort related to the saddle, suggesting that it could benefit from additional padding or customization options.
  • A handful of users experienced minor technical glitches with the bike’s display and connectivity features.

While the majority of users expressed satisfaction with the BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike, there were some negative experiences related to its weight, occasional motor issues, assembly complexity, saddle comfort, and minor technical glitches. It’s important to note that individual preferences and expectations may vary, and potential buyers should consider these factors when evaluating the bike.

The feedback from BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike users, primarily sourced from Walmart.com, suggests that the bike generally received positive reviews. Many riders praised its performance, durability, and features, making it a reliable choice for diverse riding adventures.

BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike Manual

The operating instructions and user manual for the BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike can be conveniently accessed on the manufacturer’s website. For detailed guidance on assembly, usage, maintenance, and troubleshooting, please visit the official BESV website and refer to the provided manual.

BESV JGR 1.1 Frequently Asked Questions

Battery and Range

  • How far can I ride on a single charge with the BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike?

The range of your BESV JGR 1.1 on a single charge depends on various factors, including rider weight, terrain, assist level, and battery condition. However, it typically offers a range of XX to XX miles.

  • How long does it take to fully charge the bike’s battery?

The charging time for the BESV JGR 1.1’s battery depends on the charger’s capacity. Using the provided Smart 2A charger, it typically takes approximately XX hours for a full charge.


  • What should I do if my BESV JGR 1.1 displays an error code?

If you encounter an error code on the bike’s display, consult the user manual for a list of error codes and their meanings. Typically, these codes provide insights into specific issues that need attention, such as sensor malfunctions or connectivity problems.

  • How can I troubleshoot motor-related issues, such as loss of power?

If you experience motor-related problems like a sudden loss of power, check the battery’s charge level, inspect cable connections for looseness, and ensure proper sensor alignment. If issues persist, consult the troubleshooting section of the manual or contact customer support.


  • What is the recommended maintenance schedule for the BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike?

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Refer to the user manual for a detailed maintenance schedule, including tasks like chain lubrication, brake adjustments, and tire pressure checks. Maintenance intervals may vary based on usage.

  • Can I perform basic maintenance tasks myself, or should I seek professional assistance?

Basic maintenance tasks such as tire inflation and chain lubrication can be performed by most users with basic tools. However, for more complex tasks or issues, it’s advisable to consult the manual and, if needed, seek assistance from a professional bike technician or service center.


When facing any issues or concerns with your BESV JGR 1.1 Electric Bike, always refer to the user manual for guidance on assembly, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Additionally, if you encounter problems that require expert assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer’s customer service or a certified service center for prompt and accurate support.

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