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SWFT FLEET eBike Common Problems and Troubleshooting

Your SWFT journey starts here. Wherever you’re headed, FLEET will get you there with style, safety, and a fresh design that’ll turn heads as you turn corners. Move ahead of the pack with a SWFT e-bike with a detachable, rechargeable battery.

Multiple modes allow you to use pedal-assist or your throttle to propel you forward. With a 19.8 mph max speed, you can travel up to 37.2 miles on a single charge of your battery alone. A built-in monitor display indicates your battery output and speed. Let the journey begin.

SWFT FLEET eBike Overview

Product Details

Max SpeedThe FLEET’s throttle reaches speeds up to 19.8mph.
Max DistanceRide up to 37.2 miles on a single battery charge.
Rechargeable BatteryA 46.8V 10Ah lithium-ion battery powers your ride and conveniently detaches for charging.
Charging TimeFully charge your ride in just 6 hours. Charger included, all you need is an outlet.
Battery LifespanThe lifespan of your SWFT battery is measured according to charge cycles, which indicate how many times
the battery can undergo a full charge followed by 80% depletion until it starts to lose capacity. The SWFT
FLEET has 800 charge cycles.
MotorA 500W motor powers the pedal assist and gets you there fast, no sweat.
Tire SizeThe FLEET’s versatile 26” x 2.125” tires work well on both roads and sandy beaches.
GearsSingle-speed. No need to switch it up when you have pedal assist capabilities and a throttle at your
FrameThe FLEET’s steel frame accommodates 26″ tires, up to 265 lbs, and combines timeless style with
impressive durability.
Recommended Rider HeightThe FLEET is best suited for most riders 5’7″ and up.


Key Specs

  • Product Weight: 50.7 pounds
  • Battery Charge Time: 6 hours
  • Battery Amperage: 10 ampere hours
  • Battery Voltage: 46.8 volts
  • Maximum Operating Range: 37.2 miles
  • Motor Power: 500 watts
  • Maximum Speed: 19.8 miles per hour
  • Throttle: Yes
  • Throttle Control Mechanism: Half twist
  • Electric Bike Classification: Class 2
  • Bicycle Type: Adults bike
  • Color: White


  • Product Name: FLEET eBike w/ 37.2mi Max Operating Range & 19.8 mph Max Speed
  • Brand: SWFT
  • Electric Bike Classification: Class 2
  • Bicycle Type: Adults bike
  • Bike Style: Electric bikes
  • Assembly Required: Partial
  • Assembled Percentage: 80 percent
  • Estimated Assembly Time: 30 minutes
  • Model Number: SWFT-FLEET-WHT
  • Color: White
  • Color Category: White


  • Product Width: 32.3 inches
  • Product Height: 40.6 inches
  • Product Length: 68.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 50.7 pounds
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 265 pounds
  • Wheel Diameter: 26.5 inches
  • Wheel Thickness: 2.12 inches


  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Battery Chemistry: Lithium-ion Polymer
  • Removable Battery: Yes
  • Battery Charge Time: 6 hours
  • Battery Amperage: 10 ampere hours
  • Battery Voltage: 46.8 volts
  • Battery Indicator Light: Yes

Causes of Common Problems with the SWFT FLEET eBike

This section of the article will address possible problems and solutions with the SWFT FLEET eBike.

1. Battery Not Holding Charge

Description: The battery of the SWFT FLEET eBike does not hold a charge for a sufficient amount of time, leading to decreased range and performance.

Cause: Over time, lithium-ion batteries can experience reduced capacity due to regular use and charge cycles.


  1. Ensure the battery is properly inserted and securely attached to the bike.
  2. Charge the battery fully before each use, following the recommended charging time of 6 hours.
  3. If the battery still does not hold a charge, it may need replacement. Contact SWFT customer support for assistance.

2. Motor Not Responding

Description: The motor of the SWFT FLEET eBike does not engage or respond when using the throttle or pedal-assist.

Cause: There could be a loose connection, motor malfunction, or controller issue.


  1. Check all connections between the motor and the battery, ensuring they are securely plugged in.
  2. Verify that the throttle control mechanism is functioning correctly. If not, it may need replacement.
  3. If the motor still does not respond, there may be a motor or controller malfunction. Seek professional assistance or contact SWFT customer support.

3. Brakes Squeaking or Ineffective

Description: The brakes on the SWFT FLEET eBike emit a high-pitched squeaking sound or do not provide sufficient stopping power.

Cause: Brake pads may be worn out or contaminated, or there could be issues with the brake calipers.


  1. Inspect the brake pads for signs of wear or contamination. Replace them if necessary.
  2. Clean the brake calipers and ensure they are properly aligned with the brake pads.
  3. If the issue persists, consider upgrading to higher-quality brake pads or seek professional assistance for brake adjustments.

4. Display Malfunction

Description: The display panel on the SWFT FLEET eBike shows incorrect or no information about battery output, speed, or mode.

Cause: The display unit may have a loose connection or could be experiencing internal faults.


  1. Check all connections between the display panel and the bike’s electronic components.
  2. Ensure the display unit is securely mounted on the handlebars and properly powered.
  3. If the display still malfunctions, it may need replacement. Contact SWFT customer support for further assistance.

5. Throttle or Pedal-Assist Not Working

Description: The throttle or pedal-assist mode on the SWFT FLEET eBike is not engaging or providing assistance during riding.

Cause: There could be issues with the throttle mechanism, motor, or electronic connections.


  1. Check the throttle control mechanism for any physical damage or loose connections.
  2. Ensure the pedal-assist mode is selected correctly, and there are no issues with the pedal sensor.
  3. If the problem persists, there may be internal electrical faults. Seek professional assistance or contact SWFT customer support.

6. Chain Slipping

Description: The chain on the SWFT FLEET eBike slips or skips gears while riding, causing an inconsistent power transfer.

Cause: The chain may be worn, improperly tensioned, or the derailleur alignment might be off.


  1. Inspect the chain for signs of wear, such as elongation or rust. Replace the chain if necessary.
  2. Adjust the chain tension following the bike’s manual instructions.
  3. Check the derailleur alignment and make necessary adjustments for smooth gear shifting.

7. Uneven Tire Wear

Description: The tires on the SWFT FLEET eBike wear unevenly, causing imbalanced handling and reduced grip.

Cause: Improper tire pressure, misalignment, or riding on rough surfaces can lead to uneven tire wear.


  1. Maintain the recommended tire pressure as specified in the bike’s manual.
  2. Inspect the tire alignment and make sure they are centered and properly seated on the rims.
  3. Avoid riding on extremely rough terrain to minimize tire wear.

8. Loose Handlebars

Description: The handlebars of the SWFT FLEET eBike feel loose or wobbly during riding, affecting steering control.

Cause: The handlebar stem bolts may not be properly tightened or adjusted.


  1. Check the handlebar stem bolts and tighten them appropriately following the bike’s manual instructions.
  2. Ensure the handlebars are correctly aligned and centered with the front wheel.

9. Battery Connection Issues

Description: The battery connection of the SWFT FLEET eBike becomes intermittent, causing power interruptions.

Cause: The battery contacts or terminals may be dirty or corroded.


  1. Clean the battery contacts and terminals using a soft, dry cloth.
  2. Ensure the battery is securely attached and latched to the bike’s frame.

10. Excessive Noise from Motor

Description: The motor on the SWFT FLEET eBike produces loud or unusual noises during operation.

Cause: Motor bearings may be worn out, or there could be debris inside the motor casing.


  1. Check for any foreign objects inside the motor casing and remove them carefully.
  2. If the noise persists, the motor may require maintenance or replacement. Contact SWFT customer support for assistance.

11. Brake Lever Sensitivity

Description: The brake levers on the SWFT FLEET eBike feel too sensitive or too resistant, affecting braking performance.

Cause: Brake lever adjustments or cable tension may not be properly set.


  1. Adjust the brake lever reach to suit your hand size and comfort.
  2. Check the brake cable tension and adjust it as needed for optimal braking response.

12. Loose Pedals

Description: The pedals of the SWFT FLEET eBike feel loose or wobble while pedaling, potentially leading to instability.

Cause: The pedal threads may not be properly engaged or tightened.


  1. Ensure the pedals are correctly threaded and securely tightened onto the crankarms.
  2. Apply grease or anti-seize compound on the pedal threads to prevent future loosening.

13. Unresponsive Power Modes

Description: The power modes (e.g., eco, sport) on the SWFT FLEET eBike do not switch or engage as expected.

Cause: There may be an issue with the control unit or a software glitch.


  1. Turn the eBike off and on again to see if the power modes reset.
  2. If the problem persists, reset the bike’s electronic system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

14. Loose or Noisy Fenders

Description: The fenders on the SWFT FLEET eBike are loose or produce rattling noises while riding.

Cause: Fender mounts may be loose or improperly installed.


  1. Tighten all fender mounts and hardware to eliminate any wobbling or rattling.
  2. Check for any interference between the fenders and the bike frame. Adjust as necessary.

15. Inconsistent Electric Assistance

Description: The SWFT FLEET eBike provides inconsistent or sporadic electric assistance, even when using the same power mode.

Cause: There may be a problem with the pedal sensor, motor controller, or throttle mechanism.


  1. Ensure the pedal sensor is clean and free from any obstructions. Adjust or replace it if needed.
  2. Inspect the throttle mechanism for any damage or loose connections. Address any issues found.
  3. If the problem persists, the motor controller may need evaluation and potential replacement by a professional technician.

16. Sudden Power Cut-Off

Description: The SWFT FLEET eBike experiences sudden and unexpected power cut-offs during riding.

Cause: There may be a loose connection in the electrical system or a fault in the battery management system.


  1. Check all electrical connections, including the battery, motor, and display unit, and ensure they are securely connected.
  2. Inspect the battery and its contacts for signs of damage or corrosion. Clean or replace as necessary.
  3. If the issue persists, have the bike’s electrical system inspected by a qualified technician.

17. Jammed Throttle

Description: The throttle of the SWFT FLEET eBike becomes stuck or difficult to operate.

Cause: There may be dirt or debris obstructing the throttle mechanism, or it could be mechanically faulty.


  1. Carefully clean the throttle mechanism, removing any dirt or debris that may be causing the issue.
  2. Check for any signs of physical damage or wear on the throttle. If found, consider replacing the throttle assembly.

18. Flickering Lights

Description: The lights on the SWFT FLEET eBike flicker or intermittently turn off while riding.

Cause: Loose connections or faulty wiring can lead to inconsistent power supply to the lights.


  1. Check all connections and wiring related to the lights, including the front and rear light units, and secure them tightly.
  2. If the lights continue to flicker, inspect the battery and its connections for any power irregularities.

19. Excessive Vibration

Description: The SWFT FLEET eBike experiences excessive vibrations, especially at higher speeds.

Cause: Misaligned wheels, loose components, or worn-out tires can cause vibrations during riding.


  1. Inspect and balance the wheels, ensuring they are properly aligned and centered.
  2. Check all components, including the handlebars, pedals, and saddle, and tighten any loose parts.
  3. If the issue persists, consider replacing worn-out tires to reduce vibrations.

20. Limited Range

Description: The SWFT FLEET eBike’s actual range is significantly lower than the advertised maximum distance.

Cause: Riding conditions, terrain, rider weight, and battery age can affect the bike’s range.


  1. Check your riding habits and terrain to determine if they contribute to a lower range.
  2. Ensure you are in the appropriate power mode (e.g., eco mode) for optimal battery efficiency.
  3. If the issue persists, the battery may be aging, and its capacity is reduced. Consider replacing the battery for improved range.

21. Unresponsive Display

Description: The display panel on the SWFT FLEET eBike becomes unresponsive or fails to display any information.

Cause: Software glitches, loose connections, or a malfunctioning display unit can lead to this issue.


  1. Power off and restart the eBike to see if the display functions normally.
  2. Check all connections between the display unit and the bike’s electronic components.
  3. If the display remains unresponsive, consider resetting the bike’s electronic system as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

22. Noisy Chain

Description: The chain on the SWFT FLEET eBike produces excessive noise during pedaling.

Cause: Lack of lubrication, a misaligned chain, or worn chainring and sprocket can cause chain noise.


  1. Lubricate the chain regularly with appropriate bike chain oil to reduce friction and noise.
  2. Check the chain’s alignment and make adjustments as necessary.
  3. If the chain is visibly worn, consider replacing it, along with the chainring and sprocket if needed.

23. Unstable Kickstand

Description: The kickstand of the SWFT FLEET eBike feels unstable or fails to support the bike adequately.

Cause: Loose kickstand bolts or uneven terrain can affect the stability of the kickstand.


  1. Tighten all kickstand bolts to ensure a secure fit to the bike frame.
  2. Check for any damage or bending in the kickstand and replace if necessary.
  3. Avoid parking the bike on uneven surfaces to maintain stability.

24. Rust and Corrosion

Description: The SWFT FLEET eBike shows signs of rust or corrosion on metal components.

Cause: Exposure to moisture and harsh weather conditions can lead to rust and corrosion.


  1. Regularly clean and dry the bike, especially after riding in wet conditions.
  2. Apply a protective layer of bike wax or anti-corrosion spray to metal components to prevent further rusting.

25. Difficult Gear Shifting

Description: The SWFT FLEET eBike experiences difficulty in smoothly shifting gears.

Cause: Misadjusted derailleurs, worn gear cables, or damaged shifters can cause gear shifting problems.


  1. Inspect and adjust the front and rear derailleurs for proper alignment and tension.
  2. If gear shifting is still problematic, consider replacing worn-out gear cables and housings.
  3. Ensure the shifters are functioning correctly, and there are no damaged or worn components.

SWFT FLEET eBike Electric Bike User Reviews

Positive Reviews from SWFT FLEET eBike Electric Bike Users

  • Many users were satisfied with the powerful pedal assist feature, allowing them to conquer steep hills with ease. The bike’s motor provided just enough power to keep them happy during their rides.
  • Users praised the detachable and rechargeable battery, which allowed them to ride up to 10 miles a day for several trips without needing to recharge it.
  • Several customers were impressed with the stylish design of the bike, especially the white frame with leather accents, making it an eye-catching ride.
  • Older riders found the SWFT FLEET eBike comfortable and easy to ride, particularly appreciating the three levels of assistance, allowing them to maintain their heart rate and exercise while enjoying the electric support.
  • Customers valued the bike’s affordable price, making it an excellent choice compared to regular bikes without an electric component.

Negative User Reviews of the SWFT FLEET eBike Electric Bike

  • Some users experienced intermittent issues with the pedal assist feature, where it would sputter and not engage properly, leading to concerns about safety while riding.
  • Several customers faced challenges with the rear wheel, which was reported to be defective, causing issues with the bike’s performance and balance.
  • The tires of the bike were a point of concern for some users, as they required frequent inflation before each ride, which became a hassle and impacted the riding experience.
  • A few customers were disappointed by the unresponsiveness of the manufacturer’s customer support when facing problems with their eBikes, which left them feeling frustrated and unsupported.
  • Several riders reported issues with the motor, throttle, and electric assistance, leading to a lack of confidence in the bike’s overall reliability and performance.

All information about user reviews is taken from the site Walmart.

Overall, the majority of users were satisfied with the SWFT FLEET eBike Electric Bike, praising its powerful pedal assist, stylish design, and affordability. While there were some negative reviews related to issues with the rear wheel, tires, and customer support, the positive feedback indicates that the SWFT FLEET eBike is a great choice for those seeking an electric bike with excellent performance and comfort.

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SWFT FLEET eBike Electric Bike Manual

The operating instructions for the SWFT FLEET eBike can be found on the manufacturer’s website. For detailed guidance on how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your eBike, please refer to the official manual provided by SWFT. The manual will provide valuable information on maximizing your eBike’s performance and ensuring a smooth riding experience.

SWFT FLEET eBike Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far can the SWFT FLEET eBike travel on a single battery charge?

The SWFT FLEET eBike can travel up to 37.2 miles on a single battery charge. However, the actual range may vary based on factors such as riding conditions, terrain, rider weight, and power mode selected.

2. Can I ride the SWFT FLEET eBike without pedal assistance?

Yes, the SWFT FLEET eBike can be ridden without pedal assistance. It features a throttle that allows you to control the motor power without pedaling. You can use the throttle to propel the bike forward without any pedaling effort.

3. How long does it take to fully charge the eBike’s battery?

The SWFT FLEET eBike’s battery can be fully charged in approximately 6 hours. The charger is included with the bike, and all you need is access to a standard outlet to charge the battery.

4. What should I do if the pedal assist or throttle is not working?

If the pedal assist or throttle is not functioning properly, first, check the electrical connections and ensure they are securely connected. If the issue persists, refer to the troubleshooting section in the manual for further steps, or contact SWFT’s customer service or an authorized service center for assistance.

5. How often should I lubricate the bike’s chain?

It is essential to regularly lubricate the bike’s chain to ensure smooth operation and reduce noise. We recommend lubricating the chain every 100-150 miles or more frequently if riding in wet or dusty conditions.


For any issues or concerns with your SWFT FLEET eBike, it’s essential to consult the manual, customer service, or an authorized service center. The manual provides detailed instructions for operating and troubleshooting your eBike, while the customer service and service center teams are available to assist you with any technical difficulties or questions you may have. Your safety and satisfaction are paramount, so don’t hesitate to seek professional support when needed.

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